Read A Food Book To Learn About New Foods!

Animal Alphabet Children's BookLearning about food can happen throughout the day in all experiences and a food book is the perfect way to learn about food anywhere, anytime!  My promotional food play book arrived this weekend which made me think about all of the amazing children’s books out there that can help your child learn about food!

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There are so many blog posts and resources to find amazing books! Here are a few links for easy reference, though you can do your own search and find many, many more! Chances are you can even find a book about whatever specific new foods you’re trying to introduce.

Here is a link to 14 classic children’s books about food.

Here are 10 more great children’s books about food.

Here are 15 more!

If you want to take a book activity into a cooking activity, here are 30 recipes inspired by popular children’s books.

Happy reading and happy food play!




3 thoughts on “Read A Food Book To Learn About New Foods!

  1. Great resource! I recently tried to make dinner more exciting by modeling the meal after Dinosaurs Love Tacos, a favorite book around here. It didn’t exactly work, but I’m going to keep trying!

    1. Thanks! That’s a great idea! You could also try tying the taco theme into other routines like wrapping a baby doll in a blanket ‘like a taco’ or wrapping up in a towel after bath ‘like a taco’. The more we use fun, food language the more familiar it becomes and that can help make the whole idea of tacos feel more safe and comfortable. Good luck!

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