Help Picky Eaters Explore New Foods!

help picky eaters explore new foodsI love the word explore because exploring requires curiosity. When we get curious we put fear aside and approach something with a playful attitude, willing to try something new. This is exactly the attitude we want picky eaters to have when approaching new foods. We say, “I don’t know much about this food. And that’s ok. Let’s learn about it. What happens if I do this?” We start asking questions, exploring and learning!  Continue reading

Senses Series: Our Vestibular Sense And The Balance Of Eating

chocolate girl on a swingFeeling balanced at the table is the first step to being able to focus on, learn about and try new foods and our sense of balance is provided by our vestibular system. This system, connected to our inner ear, tells us whether we’re sitting upright, hanging upside down on the monkey bars, going up in an elevator, moving forward in a car or swinging on a swing. Continue reading

Thursday Tips: Focus On The Senses Series

food art wildflowersFor the next series of Thursday Tips posts here at Learn To Love Food, we’re going to focus on the senses. Our senses are how we experience everything, including food. They process all of the information that help kids learn about, become comfortable with, and expand their diets to new foods.   Continue reading