Senses Series: What We Feel When We Touch Food

bread hand

Our sense of touch gives us a lot of information that informs how we act and eat. We ‘get a feel’ for something. We ‘feel things out,’ then decide how to proceed.  Continue reading

Make Hearts Out Of Anything And Everything!

food heart collageIt’s Valentines week and no matter how you feel about the holiday, I believe everyone could use a little extra love–always! To add some easy, extra love to your food play, all you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make almost any food into hearts. Below are lots of ideas to get you started! Continue reading

Senses Series: How Smell Makes Us Love Or Hate Foods

Wake up and smell the chocolate food art food faceOur sense of smell triggers visceral, gut reactions. On a basic, sensory level we experience smells as good or bad. We want to move towards smells or away from them.  Even our English words for smells evoke this dichotomy. They can be pleasant aromas or noxious odors. Continue reading

Games Make Food Drills Fun!

Carrot Cone DrillsWe learn new skills by practicing them over and over, but often just the thought of repetitive drills feels daunting, discouraging and no fun at all. This is where games come in. When we make anything into a game, especially something we want to practice over and over like touching or tasting new foods, it’s suddenly, magically fun! We may even forget we’re working on a skill because we’re so focused on the game!  Continue reading

3 Fun Ways To Play With Potatoes!

potato pyramidPotatoes are a staple in my house. With so many varieties and infinite ways to prepare them, their warm, earthy goodness is always satisfying.  Below are 3 fun ways to play with potatoes to help your kids learn to love them, too! Continue reading

Senses Series: Sight–What We See On Our Plate

kiwi eyesThe way food looks gives us a lot of information about whether we want to smell it, touch it or eat it. Sight is often our first line of defense to find out if a food is safe. If we see mold on something, we know to throw it away; if we see a speck that looks like a bug, we’re going to look closer, maybe poke at it with a fork, get some more information before deciding to put a bite into our body. Continue reading

Monday Funday: You’re Invited To A Teeny, Tiny Tea Party!

teeny tiny tea partyA teeny, tiny tea party is a really fun way to merge pretend play with food play. When we make anything smaller it’s less overwhelming and when we add silly language and delicious foods we have a fun, pretend play activity where kids can learn about new foods and drinks with lots of opportunities for tasting and no stress or pressure to eat. Continue reading

Senses Series: Proprioception And Kinesthesia–How We Do What We Want!

yoga food artProprioception tells us where our body is in space through sensory receptors in our joints which signal the position of our body parts with respect to gravity. Kinesthesia is our sense of how tense our muscles are as sensed by special receptors in our muscles. Together these two senses give us intimate knowledge about our bodies and our state: where we are and how we feel.   Continue reading