The Perfect Meal For A Picky Eater

The Perfect Meal For Picky EatersThe perfect meal for a picky eater has one or two foods that your picky eater likes and will usually/always eat, but it also has foods the rest of the family likes, foods that make the meal nutritionally balanced and foods you eventually want your picky eater to like and eat. Continue reading

Why Texture Matters For Picky Eaters

Why Texture MattersTexture is often the primary reason we choose or refuse foods. We may crave the way something feels in our mouth and, though we like the taste, it’s not our primary reason for wanting it. Or we hate the way something feels in our mouths and even if we loved the taste we still wouldn’t put it in our mouths because of it’s texture. Kids are the same way. We want them to taste foods to see if they like them, but during those tastes kids are also deciding if they like the way the food feels and that may be their primary reason for choosing or refusing it when they see it again. Continue reading

Thursday Tips: The Best (Guilt-free) Mealtime Advice Ever!

broccoli food face, guilt-free mealtimes

Once, at a therapy visit in a family’s home, a nutritionist I worked with laid out mealtime responsibilities so perfectly that I find myself sharing her simple wisdom almost daily. Here it is:  Continue reading

Games Make Food Drills Fun!

Carrot Cone DrillsWe learn new skills by practicing them over and over, but often just the thought of repetitive drills feels daunting, discouraging and no fun at all. This is where games come in. When we make anything into a game, especially something we want to practice over and over like touching or tasting new foods, it’s suddenly, magically fun! We may even forget we’re working on a skill because we’re so focused on the game!  Continue reading

Thursday Tips: Ginger Tea To Stay Warm And Healthy!

Rudolph with Ginger Antlers Ginger is good for our bodies in so many ways and because of its immune-boosting properties, its perfect to help give our bodies the support they need to stay healthy through the rest of this holiday season and into the new year! Ginger and lemon also have very strong, distinct aromas and are great foods to explore to stimulate our sense of smell. So, for our Thursday Tip on this Christmas Eve I want to share with you a ginger tea recipe adapted from an ayurvedic tea served at Miraval Resort and Spa that my family loves and helps keep them healthy all winter long!  Continue reading

Is Sneaking Veggies A Good Idea?

cheezy dipVeggies are an important part of a nutritious diet, but what if your child won’t eat them? Should you try to sneak them into other foods, so they get the nutrition? Or is sneaking a bad idea? The answer, like with most things, is that it depends what you want to get out of it.           Continue reading

Keep Offering, Offering, Offering

tomato heart loveIt can be frustrating and disheartening when your child says they won’t eat something, especially when it’s been their go-to, a food you know they’ll always eat or a dinner they’ve always liked. Now suddenly they’re refusing it?! What do you do? Keep offering it! Continue reading

Feel Your Body To Feed Your Body

pita bread manWe often think of the act of eating as what we do to survive, but survival really begins before there is food in front of us, with the urge to eat, to look in the pantry, to go to the fridge and get a drink, to ask ‘what’s for dinner?’

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Thursday Tips: Foodle–Best Nutrition App Ever!

tangerine halfI’m not a nutritionist, but often wish I was. At the most basic level, we eat to give our body the nutrition it needs and knowing what’s in different foods helps us choose the foods we need.

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