Food Learning Without The Fight: The Squiggle Fruits Coloring Book!

One of my favorite things about being a speech therapist has always been making materials for kids, and one of my favorite things about writing this blog and adding to the FREE Feeding Resource Library is being able to share materials with so many more kids than I can reach every day in therapy!  I’m super excited to share the newest freebie in the FREE Feeding Resource Library: the printable Learn To Love Food Squiggle Fruits Coloring Book!

Food learning usually happens when we sit down to eat, but for picky eaters and kids with a history of anxiety or difficulty around eating, mealtimes can be stressful! When we’re stressed, the parts of our brain that are open to new learning just aren’t as open. Food learning that’s stress-free, where kids have fun and get curious about new foods, is going to help them be more open to trying foods later. To achieve this kind of relaxed, fun, food learning, it can be helpful to bring food learning to times other than mealtimes.

Food learning can be incorporated into errands like going to the grocery store or into playtime. Pretend play in play kitchens (or the real kitchen) is a great way to add food learning to playtime. You could also read food books like the Learn To Love Food Animal Alphabet or color in a foods coloring book like the Learn To Love Food Squiggle Fruit Coloring Book. However you choose to add food learning to play, remember to use lots of fun, silly and positive language to help make relaxed, fun, positive  associations with the foods you’re learning about!

Coloring slows us down and has been shown to decrease stress and help bring us into a creative, open and curious state. It can be relaxing for you, too! So, why not print out an extra copy of the Learn To Love Food Squiggle Fruits Coloring Book for yourself, take a deep breath and have fun coloring! Then, talk to your little one about all ways the fruits on these coloring pages are beautiful, delicious, scrumptious little miracles of nature!

Enjoy and happy food play!!!

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