Food Learning Without The Fight: The Squiggle Fruits Coloring Book!

One of my favorite things about being a speech therapist has always been making materials for kids, and one of my favorite things about writing this blog and adding to the FREE Feeding Resource Library is being able to share materials with so many more kids than I can reach every day in therapy!  I’m super excited to share the newest freebie in the FREE Feeding Resource Library: the printable Learn To Love Food Squiggle Fruits Coloring Book! Continue reading

Thursday Tips: How Positive Praise Works At Mealtimes!

Positive Praise works!Positive praise is attention. Attention makes us feel connected, which we need and crave as human beings. We want to be seen, heard and acknowledged. Kids especially want the kind of acknowledgement attention brings and, often, negative attention is better than no attention!

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Thursday Tips: The Best (Guilt-free) Mealtime Advice Ever!

broccoli food face, guilt-free mealtimes

Once, at a therapy visit in a family’s home, a nutritionist I worked with laid out mealtime responsibilities so perfectly that I find myself sharing her simple wisdom almost daily. Here it is:  Continue reading

Create Positive Memories To Help Kids Try New Foods!

Create Positive Memories To Help Kids Try New Foods

Negative memories or associations with smells or tastes can keep us from trying foods and make us immediately say “I don’t like it.” The way to reverse that instinct (and it is a hard-wired instinct that helps to keep our bodies safe) is to create positive memories and associations with foods.

We create positive memories during positive play, when we’re having fun, feeling calm, relaxed and joyful, and we try new things when we’re curious rather than fearful. The point of this kind of positive play is to gain a comfort level with foods on different sensory levels and to connect the sensations of foods to positive feelings.

Below are 4 ways to create positive memories with food play to help kids try new foods. Enjoy! Continue reading

Happy New Year Full Of Peace, Love, Joy And Adventure!

peace love joy and adventure food artThank you all for being part of such a great year! 2015, for me, has been a year of deep listening and learning. Last January I had just started Learn To Love Food and had no idea what it would become. I just knew I was excited to create and share the ideas in my head with families I’ve worked with as well as a larger community. I felt a deep sense of purpose creating each post and, tentatively at first, followed that joy.

A year later, I marvel at the community that has gathered around this blog and I’m so thankful for each and every one of you who reads my posts, likes my pictures and shares your family’s struggles and triumphs. It’s because of you I’m so excited to create fun, new activities and share feeding tips each week. Thank you for your engagement, your encouragement, your questions and suggestions!  Continue reading

Thursday Tips: 3 Simple Ways To Boost Your Child’s Confidence Around Food

sweet potato smiley faceWhen we feel like we’re good at something we want to do more of it. It’s that simple, whether it’s sports, music, a subject in school or adventurous eating. Below are 3 simple ways to help boost your child’s confidence around food, because if they feel confident about their skills, they’ll want to keep trying, and when we keep trying at anything we get better and better!   Continue reading

Thursday Tips: Thank You For Being Part Of Our Community!!

gingerbread communityThis Thursday’s post happens to fall right on my birthday and I want to take this space today to be grateful. Thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of this community that has gathered around Learn To Love Food this past year.  Continue reading

Thursday Tips: Forgive Yourself Today

pommegranate heartWhen we forgive ourselves we get to feel the benefits of being both the forgiver and the forgiven. We’re with ourselves every moment, so, if we can forgive ourselves for the harsh word, the hurried task, for being human, we can drastically lighten the load of criticism we walk around with every day.  Continue reading

3 Ways To Practice Positivity At The Table

salad dogsKids imitate what we do, what we say and also, in many ways, how we feel. When we’re positive they’re usually pretty positive, and when we’re negative, they pick up on it and start acting the same way. But being positive doesn’t just happen. It’s not something that some people are and some people aren’t. It’s a way of thinking we have to cultivate. So,  Continue reading