3 Small Ways To Teach Kids Where Our Food Comes From!

Pinterest 3 small ways to teach kids where food comes fromTeaching kids where our food comes from is so basic and so important! Below are 3 small ways to help teach kids this fundamental lesson.  Because when we take the time to notice the magical transformation of plants into food, we start to see and appreciate our food in a whole new way! Continue reading

Make Hearts Out Of Anything And Everything!

food heart collageIt’s Valentines week and no matter how you feel about the holiday, I believe everyone could use a little extra love–always! To add some easy, extra love to your food play, all you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make almost any food into hearts. Below are lots of ideas to get you started! Continue reading

Thursday Tips: Ginger Tea To Stay Warm And Healthy!

Rudolph with Ginger Antlers Ginger is good for our bodies in so many ways and because of its immune-boosting properties, its perfect to help give our bodies the support they need to stay healthy through the rest of this holiday season and into the new year! Ginger and lemon also have very strong, distinct aromas and are great foods to explore to stimulate our sense of smell. So, for our Thursday Tip on this Christmas Eve I want to share with you a ginger tea recipe adapted from an ayurvedic tea served at Miraval Resort and Spa that my family loves and helps keep them healthy all winter long!  Continue reading

And A Pear Partridge In A Spinach Pear Tree!

pear partridge in a spinach pear tree

I love singing songs and making up words to get kids involved in food play activities and make exploring food more fun. And this time of year, with holiday songs blasting everywhere, I can’t help but make up my own words to seasonal tunes (like the 12 Days Of Christmas) that get stuck in my head!   So, why not have fun making this pear partridge in a spinach pear tree and making up your own words to the 12 Days Of Christmas? Continue reading

Go Sledding In A Winter Wonderland Of Food!

Coconut Flakes Winter WonderlandIt’s that time of year in the northern hemisphere when kids dream of snow and sledding! Even if it isn’t likely to snow outside your windows, you can have fun making and playing in a winter wonderland on your plate or food play mat!   Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Butternut squash Thanksgiving cornucopia

I am so thankful for the opportunity to appreciate food with each picture I take and share with you ways to help your children learn to love food! May you be surrounded by love and abundance this holiday!

Happy feasting and happy food play!

Get Kids Involved In Holiday Food With A Thankful Tree

gingerbread, holiday thankful treeThe holidays are inextricably linked to food. This is nostalgically joyous for many, but for families dealing with feeding disorders or picky eating, these special meals can be full of stress and anxiety. Helping to make the cookies for a thankful tree or just touching the cookies to participate in a thankful game is a great way to involve kids in food traditions where they’re not pressured to eat.   Continue reading

Meringue Ghosts–A Gluten and Dairy-Free Halloween Treat!

meringue ghostThese meringue ghosts were so much fun to make! I started out trying to keep the pastry bag (and my hands) clean and wiped, but that idea soon went out the window and I settled for keeping meringue out of my hair and off of the cabinets. So many opportunities for sensory play with this cooking activity!   Continue reading

Pumpkin To Pie!

pumpkin to pieEverything pops up pumpkin this time of year from lattes to pancakes to pie. With it’s amazingly delicious versatility, there’s bound to be a way for every food explorer to learn about how we get pumpkin foods from pumpkins!  Continue reading