Help Picky Eaters Explore New Foods!

help picky eaters explore new foodsI love the word explore because exploring requires curiosity. When we get curious we put fear aside and approach something with a playful attitude, willing to try something new. This is exactly the attitude we want picky eaters to have when approaching new foods. We say, “I don’t know much about this food. And that’s ok. Let’s learn about it. What happens if I do this?” We start asking questions, exploring and learning!  Continue reading

Give Green Peas A Chance–3 Fun Ways To Play!

Give Peas A Chance

Peas are a great green veggie for kids to explore! They’re perfect for little fingers to pinch and pick up and there are infinite ways to play with them to become comfortable enough to gobble them up, too! Below are 3 fun ways to play with peas to get your imagination going. Continue reading

Monday Funday: Sushi Play!

sushi playI was recently asked to come up with food play activities that could help kids learn to like sushi. I had so much fun coming up with ideas that I want to share them with you all for today’s Monday Funday!

When I think about introducing a specific new food, I find it helpful to come up with activities within the main categories of food play: building, deconstructing, making a picture, pretend play, games and cooking. Below are some ideas in each category to help your child learn about sushi!

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Games Make Food Drills Fun!

Carrot Cone DrillsWe learn new skills by practicing them over and over, but often just the thought of repetitive drills feels daunting, discouraging and no fun at all. This is where games come in. When we make anything into a game, especially something we want to practice over and over like touching or tasting new foods, it’s suddenly, magically fun! We may even forget we’re working on a skill because we’re so focused on the game!  Continue reading

3 Fun Ways To Play With Potatoes!

potato pyramidPotatoes are a staple in my house. With so many varieties and infinite ways to prepare them, their warm, earthy goodness is always satisfying.  Below are 3 fun ways to play with potatoes to help your kids learn to love them, too! Continue reading

Monday Funday: Play A Fun Food Game Today!

orange peel ring toss gameOne more fun way to play with peels and food scraps is to make up a game. Above, I used the leftover stubs/spikes from spiralizing zucchini and made up a ring toss game with orange peels cut into rings with circle cookie cutters.     Continue reading

Monday Funday: 3 Fun Ways To Play With Peels!

orange peel clown food artBefore you throw your fruit and veggie scraps away, let your child play! The scraps of peel and ends of fruits and veggies we throw in the compost or trash offer wonderful sensory opportunities to learn about and explore how different foods feel and smell.  So, the next time your child’s in the kitchen while you’re making dinner you could set them up with one of the food play activities below without wasting any food that would go on the table. Continue reading

Get Kids Involved In Holiday Food With A Thankful Tree

gingerbread, holiday thankful treeThe holidays are inextricably linked to food. This is nostalgically joyous for many, but for families dealing with feeding disorders or picky eating, these special meals can be full of stress and anxiety. Helping to make the cookies for a thankful tree or just touching the cookies to participate in a thankful game is a great way to involve kids in food traditions where they’re not pressured to eat.   Continue reading

Help Kids Taste New Foods With A “Kissy Game”

 kissing apple heartsTouching a new food to our lips or ‘kissing’ it, is an important and sensitive step on the path to eating new foods. The lips decide what goes into the mouth and what stays outside of the body. So, tasting is a physical step towards eating, but it’s also a major psychological step to decide that a food is safe enough to put in our mouth.  Continue reading