Ice Cream Cone Fun!

Cauliflower Ice Cream ConeWhen we take something out of context we can start to see it in a whole new light. This isn’t to say that you can put some cauliflower or broccoli in an ice cream cone and it’s going to magically taste like ice cream and your child will start gobbling it up. You might get a look like ‘that doesn’t belong there!’ Maybe you’ll get a giggle. You’ll definitely get a chance to explore and play with broccoli or cauliflower in a whole new way!  Continue reading

Give Green Peas A Chance–3 Fun Ways To Play!

Give Peas A Chance

Peas are a great green veggie for kids to explore! They’re perfect for little fingers to pinch and pick up and there are infinite ways to play with them to become comfortable enough to gobble them up, too! Below are 3 fun ways to play with peas to get your imagination going. Continue reading

Monday Funday: Sushi Play!

sushi playI was recently asked to come up with food play activities that could help kids learn to like sushi. I had so much fun coming up with ideas that I want to share them with you all for today’s Monday Funday!

When I think about introducing a specific new food, I find it helpful to come up with activities within the main categories of food play: building, deconstructing, making a picture, pretend play, games and cooking. Below are some ideas in each category to help your child learn about sushi!

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Monday Funday: Mush a Mushy Food

I'm gonna mush you bananaWhen we mush a food with a utensil or with our fingers we get a lot of information about the food’s texture, temperature, smell, feel and how we might expect this food to break apart in our mouths. This is all really valuable information for a hesitant eater who may be scared to try something because of these sensory unknowns.   Continue reading

Pumpkin To Pie!

pumpkin to pieEverything pops up pumpkin this time of year from lattes to pancakes to pie. With it’s amazingly delicious versatility, there’s bound to be a way for every food explorer to learn about how we get pumpkin foods from pumpkins!  Continue reading

Then, BAM, It Was A Beautiful Butterfly!

hard boiled egg butterfly This is how one of my clients would end Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Then, BAM, it was a beautiful butterfly! I still say it to myself every time I finish the book! The enthusiasm and excitement of the BAM are perfectly fitting for the transformation of the caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, and I believe the same enthusiasm and excitement are warranted every time we experience food, especially when we make a beautiful butterfly! 😉

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