Help Picky Eaters Explore New Foods!

help picky eaters explore new foodsI love the word explore because exploring requires curiosity. When we get curious we put fear aside and approach something with a playful attitude, willing to try something new. This is exactly the attitude we want picky eaters to have when approaching new foods. We say, “I don’t know much about this food. And that’s ok. Let’s learn about it. What happens if I do this?” We start asking questions, exploring and learning!  Continue reading

Senses Series: Hearing–The Sounds Of Mealtimes

oatmeal cookie earAs human beings we’re extremely sensitive to the vibrations of sound. We absorb sound through our whole bodies and register those vibrations through bone conduction, which means that sound vibrations make our bones vibrate and those vibrations are then picked up by our ears and brains.

A teacher of mine once casually mentioned this profound insight about our sense of hearing: We can’t block out sound. We don’t have earlids. Wow. So true. So how does our sense of hearing affect mealtimes?   Continue reading

Thursday Tips: Ginger Tea To Stay Warm And Healthy!

Rudolph with Ginger Antlers Ginger is good for our bodies in so many ways and because of its immune-boosting properties, its perfect to help give our bodies the support they need to stay healthy through the rest of this holiday season and into the new year! Ginger and lemon also have very strong, distinct aromas and are great foods to explore to stimulate our sense of smell. So, for our Thursday Tip on this Christmas Eve I want to share with you a ginger tea recipe adapted from an ayurvedic tea served at Miraval Resort and Spa that my family loves and helps keep them healthy all winter long!  Continue reading

Get Kids Involved In Holiday Food With A Thankful Tree

gingerbread, holiday thankful treeThe holidays are inextricably linked to food. This is nostalgically joyous for many, but for families dealing with feeding disorders or picky eating, these special meals can be full of stress and anxiety. Helping to make the cookies for a thankful tree or just touching the cookies to participate in a thankful game is a great way to involve kids in food traditions where they’re not pressured to eat.   Continue reading

Get Kids Involved In Meal Prep–5 Simple Steps (That You’re Already Doing!)

Meal Prep Salad ManWe all eat around 3 times every day. This means we’re involved in food prep 3 times every day. That’s 3 opportunities for food play every day! Even if getting a meal ready means picking it up at a restaurant and putting it on plates at home, those are 2 steps before sitting down where the senses can get a lot of information about what’s for dinner before kids are asked to, ‘just try it.’   Continue reading

Monday Funday: Mush a Mushy Food

I'm gonna mush you bananaWhen we mush a food with a utensil or with our fingers we get a lot of information about the food’s texture, temperature, smell, feel and how we might expect this food to break apart in our mouths. This is all really valuable information for a hesitant eater who may be scared to try something because of these sensory unknowns.   Continue reading

Meringue Ghosts–A Gluten and Dairy-Free Halloween Treat!

meringue ghostThese meringue ghosts were so much fun to make! I started out trying to keep the pastry bag (and my hands) clean and wiped, but that idea soon went out the window and I settled for keeping meringue out of my hair and off of the cabinets. So many opportunities for sensory play with this cooking activity!   Continue reading