Help Picky Eaters Explore New Foods!

help picky eaters explore new foodsI love the word explore because exploring requires curiosity. When we get curious we put fear aside and approach something with a playful attitude, willing to try something new. This is exactly the attitude we want picky eaters to have when approaching new foods. We say, “I don’t know much about this food. And that’s ok. Let’s learn about it. What happens if I do this?” We start asking questions, exploring and learning!  Continue reading

Give Green Peas A Chance–3 Fun Ways To Play!

Give Peas A Chance

Peas are a great green veggie for kids to explore! They’re perfect for little fingers to pinch and pick up and there are infinite ways to play with them to become comfortable enough to gobble them up, too! Below are 3 fun ways to play with peas to get your imagination going. Continue reading

Make Hearts Out Of Anything And Everything!

food heart collageIt’s Valentines week and no matter how you feel about the holiday, I believe everyone could use a little extra love–always! To add some easy, extra love to your food play, all you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make almost any food into hearts. Below are lots of ideas to get you started! Continue reading

Monday Funday: 3 Fun Ways To Play With Peels!

orange peel clown food artBefore you throw your fruit and veggie scraps away, let your child play! The scraps of peel and ends of fruits and veggies we throw in the compost or trash offer wonderful sensory opportunities to learn about and explore how different foods feel and smell.  So, the next time your child’s in the kitchen while you’re making dinner you could set them up with one of the food play activities below without wasting any food that would go on the table. Continue reading

Get Kids Involved In Holiday Food With A Thankful Tree

gingerbread, holiday thankful treeThe holidays are inextricably linked to food. This is nostalgically joyous for many, but for families dealing with feeding disorders or picky eating, these special meals can be full of stress and anxiety. Helping to make the cookies for a thankful tree or just touching the cookies to participate in a thankful game is a great way to involve kids in food traditions where they’re not pressured to eat.   Continue reading

Banana Bread Bear

banana bread bearI keep bananas on hand at all times, which means there are often a few extra-ripe stragglers that get turned into banana bread. It’s always exciting to have fresh baking about, but this time I felt like such a kid because I was really excited to eat this little bear with my coffee after I took the picture. There’s just something extra delicious about circles of banana bread with no crust…:)  Continue reading

Gingerbread Giraffe

gingerbread giraffeGingerbread is often relegated to winter holidays and sugar cookie hearts are cut for Valentine’s day, but cookie-cutter recipes are fun and delicious any time of the year! Making cookie-cutter cookies presents a new sensory exploration in every step (plus a great opportunity to practice directions and sequencing for older kids) and you end up with cookies!   Continue reading