Make Your Own Mr. Potato Head!

 mr. potato head Mr. Potato Head is a classic! It’s a toy that can teach lots of developmental skills like learning body parts, spacial awareness, fine motor skills and pretend play, to name a few. And, if you make a Mr. Potato Head out of a real potato with real food parts, you can add positive food learning to that list!   Continue reading

Monday Funday: Sushi Play!

sushi playI was recently asked to come up with food play activities that could help kids learn to like sushi. I had so much fun coming up with ideas that I want to share them with you all for today’s Monday Funday!

When I think about introducing a specific new food, I find it helpful to come up with activities within the main categories of food play: building, deconstructing, making a picture, pretend play, games and cooking. Below are some ideas in each category to help your child learn about sushi!

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3 Fun Ways To Play With Potatoes!

potato pyramidPotatoes are a staple in my house. With so many varieties and infinite ways to prepare them, their warm, earthy goodness is always satisfying.  Below are 3 fun ways to play with potatoes to help your kids learn to love them, too! Continue reading

Make A Food Play Character!

potato mouse with pear gogglesSometimes a piece of food looks just like an animal, a person or a face. This is a great opportunity to create a character you can play with again and again, like this Potato-Hedgehog Adventurer with pear goggles, who seems to have gotten lost in the desert…. Continue reading

Kiwi Koala With Kale ‘Eucalyptus’

kiwi koalaSweet and delicious, kiwis are also packed full of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, fiber and many other important nutrients. Because they’re so nutrient-dense kids don’t have to eat a lot of the fruit to get the great benefits! Also, if your kids don’t like vegetables kiwi can be a nice, sweet introduction to green foods.

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Hummus and Hazelnut Hedgehog

hummus and hazelnut hedgehogHummus is a modest powerhouse. Simple, delicious and healthy it also requires no chewing, which makes it a great food for anyone working on oral motor skills. Because it’s a thick puree, it’s a great food for babies just starting solids, but it’s also a staple food for all ages in many cultures. Continue reading

Thursday Tips: Play With Food Like Toys

play with food like toys

Food play is all about touching food. We want kids to get comfortable touching foods with their hands so they will start touching them to their lips, then tasting them and finally eating them! Continue reading