Read A Food Book To Learn About New Foods!

Animal Alphabet Children's BookLearning about food can happen throughout the day in all experiences and a food book is the perfect way to learn about food anywhere, anytime!  My promotional food play book arrived this weekend which made me think about all of the amazing children’s books out there that can help your child learn about food!

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Banana Bread Bear

banana bread bearI keep bananas on hand at all times, which means there are often a few extra-ripe stragglers that get turned into banana bread. It’s always exciting to have fresh baking about, but this time I felt like such a kid because I was really excited to eat this little bear with my coffee after I took the picture. There’s just something extra delicious about circles of banana bread with no crust…:)  Continue reading

Oh Hi, Zucchini Zebra!

zucchini zebraThe peel of this zucchini was so much fun to play with and made me think back to a post I wrote last winter on skins and peels. Peels and skins of fruits and vegetables can be especially challenging for picky eaters both for texture and oral motor reasons. Because they create a mixed texture and can be hard to chew for toddlers, we often cut them off, then don’t know when or how to try to add them into a child’s diet later. Continue reading

It’s A Yucca Yak!!

yucca yakYucca is a staple in many South, Central and Native North American cultures. I used mainly the brown outside to make this yak, but the inside (you can see a little on his nose, eyes and ears) is white, much like potato. Continue reading

A Xylitol X-Ray Fish Brought To You By The Letter Xx

xylitol x-ray fishI had never heard of Xylitol until I went searching for foods that start with X. I stumbled upon it while looking for xanthum gum in the baking aisle, went straight home, looked it up and found, like with most foods these days, a plethora of conflicting information.

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Let’s Play, Watermelon Walrus!

watermelon walrusEvery season provides foods with nutrients our bodies need and summer is no exception! The sweet, juicy bounty of this watermelon walrus is perfect to help stay hydrated and energized through long, hot, summer days. Continue reading

The Mythical Udon Unicorn

udon unicornBland, soft and easy to chew, noodles are considered a mechanical soft food and are often an early favorite. Udon noodles have a slightly different shape, texture and flavor than spaghetti, but you can play with them in the same ways! You could make a unicorn like the one above or have fun with any sort of sensory play!

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Hey There Tomato Turtle!

tomato turtleFresh, in season tomatoes are one of great joys of summer abundance! I have  always been a huge fan of tomatoes, but it’s one of the first foods I remember my friends not liking as a kid.

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Strawberry Food Play!

strawberry shrimpStrawberries, like all foods, are best in peak season. Sweet and juicy, they’re the perfect summer treat or lunch, if, like me, you can’t think of eating anything other than fruit in the heat of the day. Continue reading